Why do older people need to talk more?

A well wisher once told me, that I must talk more when I am old, because there is currently no way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Talking more, may be the only way.

There are at least three advantages for the elderly to talk more.

First, speaking will activate the brain & keep the thinking agile, because language & thinking communicate with each other, especially speaking quickly, which naturally exercises the rapid reflection of thinking & also enhances memory.
An elderly person who is not talkative, is more likely to have Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, some people who have retired, are prone to Alzheimer’s disease, because they no longer speak.

Second, speaking can release a lot of psychological will, expel mental illness & reduce stress. We often say nothing, but bury it in our hearts & suffocate it. This is the truth. So, it is a good thing to be able to make parents nag more.

Third, speaking can exercise the active facial muscles & at the same time, exercise the throat organs & even the lung capacity, so that it can reduce the decline of eyes & ears & reduce hidden dangers, such as dizziness & deafness.

To summarize, when one is old, talking as much as possible, being able to interact with people, is the only way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, because this disease is currently the most terrifying of all diseases for the elderly. There is no way of treatment, as yet. Not only is all memory gone, there are no thoughts & even knowing family members is difficult; one becomes a burden to others & is more like a living dead.

It is hoped that medical development, will solve/treat, this problem soon.

So, friends, let your parents talk as much as possible & don’t dislike the old people nagging; this is also a kind of filial piety.