Why do older people need to talk more….?

A Doctor once told me, that I must talk more when I am retired and old, because there is currently no way to prevent the memory loss . Talking more, may be the only way.

There are at least three advantages, if the elderly people talk more.

First: Speaking will activate the brain & keep the brain Agile, because language & thinking communicate with each other, especially speaking quickly, which naturally exercises the rapid reflection of thinking & also enhances Memory. An elderly person who is not talkative, is more susceptible to memory loss.

Second: Speaking can release a lot of psychological Stress, expel mental illness & reduce Mental Tension. We often say nothing, but bury it in our Hearts & suffocate ourselves. This is the truth! So! It is a good thing to allow Elderly people to talk more, not less.

Third: Speaking can exercise the active Facial muscles & at the same time, exercise the Throat & even increase the lung capacity, & at the same time, it can reduce the decline of Eyes & Ears & reduce latent dangers, such as dizziness & deafness.

To summarize, when a person is old, Talking as much as possible & actively interacting with people, are the only ways to prevent Alzheimer’s as there is no cure or full treatment, as yet.
So, let us talk more…..