Our ancient healer- Turmeric

The spice Turmeric is a part of Indian cuisine as well as a part of our ancient Ayurvedic medicine.Turmeric consists of several curcuminoids but are generally referred to simply as curcumin.

It contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties.More than 2000 medical and scientific studies support its health benefits.It reduces inflammation through ninety-seven biological mechanisms.It turns off the genes involved in inflammation and re-establishes homeostasis, the natural state of our health.By quenching the fires of inflammation, it’s likely to help any disorder. (1) Alzheimer’s disease: In India,where curry is practically the national dish, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease ? among the elderly is one-fourth that of the US. (2)Cancer ♋️ :Patients with cancer have a strong undercurrent of inflammation which encourages the proliferation of tumours. By blocking the life cycle of cancer cells, curcumin encourages their self-destruction and prevents tumour growth.The MD Anderson Cancer Treatment Center’s research shows that large amounts of curcumin helped certain patients with pancreatic cancer,one of the deadliest forms of the cancer?. (3) Liver disease: Studies have found that curcumin can protect the liver from hepatitis and cirrhosis. (4) Rheumatoid Arthritis: Researchers found that curcumin blocked joint inflammation and the breakdown of joint cartilage and bone. Curcumin works by deactivating genes that promoted inflammation. (5) Ulcerative Colitis: In Japan,doctors successfully treated patients with ulcerative colitis with a combination of 2000 mg curcumin daily with conventional medicine over six months of treatment. (6) Usage: As curcumin is a fat soluble molecule, it requires a little organic coconut oil and a pinch of pepper powder for proper absorption into the system.