Best Homeopathic remedies to improve immunity

against viral and Bacterial infections like cold,cough,seasonal flu, H1N1Fever ,Dengue and Covid -19.
1.Ocimun Sanctum Mother Tincture…( This is an extract of Krishna Tulasi ). …Morning use.

  1. Tinospora Cordifolia Mother tincture ( extract of Amrutavally)…Afternoon use.

3. Withania Somnifera Mother Tincture ( extract of Ashwagandha)….Night use.

All the above three tinctures are to be used daily 10 drops in 4 tea spoons of plain water for 30 days regularly after food
Children below 15 years of age 5 drops in 3 tea spoons of water after food as indicated against each medicine.
The above therapy was also supported by Banaras Hindu University Medical research recently. Pl use the above to safe guard from Covid-19 3rd wave and from other diseases also.